World Food Day LARGE


Programs of The Salvation Army are as unique as the communities in which they serve, but one thing is for certain: at just about every location, The Salvation Army is serving food to hungry individuals.

Feeding is at the core of The Salvation Army’s services, because it is only after this basic need is met that one can truly provide for a person’s emotional, spiritual, material and financial well-being.

But according to Feeding America, more than 48.8 million people face the threat of hunger daily in the United States. Worldwide, that number jumps to 842 million. That means that one in eight people in the world suffer from chronic hunger and don’t have enough food for an active and healthy life.

Today is World Food Day, a time for us to consider what we might do to help feed our neighbors in need, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in your own hometown and around the globe:

1)      Grab a box, fill it with nonperishable food items, & drop it off at a local food bank. This might include a local charity, church or Salvation Army location. Don’t have excess cans of soup in your cupboard? Grab your grocery store’s deal book – usually crumpled up in your mailbox or sitting outside the store – and stock up on the sale items. Most stores have at least one awesome deal on nonperishable food items when inventory is running high.

2)      Offer your handsVolunteers live longer, did you know that? Soup kitchens, mobile meal programs and community gardens thrive on the help of volunteers like you. Visit for a list of volunteer opportunities in your area.

3)      Raise awareness: Share the photo above with your friends and encourage dialogue with the hashtag #WFD2013. Need inspiration for what to say to your networks? Click here.

4)      Support food service abroad: The Salvation Army provides food service in 127 countries around the world. This includes services for Syrian refugees in Jordan, as well as residents of southwest India impacted by last week’s devastating cyclone. To support these global food services monetarily, make a quick online donation at Or you can text the word INDIA to 80888* to give $10 in support of disaster relief.

For more information on World Food Day, visit To find out how The Salvation Army is eradicating hunger in your area, visit


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